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Top Tips for Effective Banner Advertising

The days of being limited with your poster printing are over, with the latest technology available you have complete design freedom when it comes to print advertising with banners, posters, signs and vehicle printing, the only limit is your imagination. There are printing solutions available to suit all budgets so if you want to effectively promote your business what’s the best way to go about it?

Make It Convincing

What’s the purpose of advertising? To convince people they need your service, and they need it from you. When designing a poster or banner make sure your services are clearly stated and not confusing, use short statements and avoid the jargon so your audience know exactly what you can do for them.

Keep It Simple

Less is more. People don’t want to be confronted with masses of confusing text they have to navigate through to find what they’re looking for so make your design simple and attractive, draw the eye and have one clear agenda.

Use Colour to Entice

Simple, bold, eye catching colours will draw people in, you want your poster to stand out from the crowd so make it unique and engaging with colour and pictures. Once you have their attention make sure your fonts are readable and your message is clear so they’re not just admiring the art work!

Call Them to Action

Don’t forget to give them your contact information: include your website, phone number, email address and business address so the channels of communication are open and they don’t have to make any effort to seek you out.

Take Advantage of High Quality Printing

Use vibrant, high quality images that can be incorporated with ease through digital printing. Make your poster, banner or sign vibrant, alluring and something to be remembered and watch the customers come to you.
Here at Event Signs we have a multitude of printing services available to benefit your business and can even help with the design of your banner. To take advantage of our fantastic service or for more information on what we can offer you get in touch today on 0121 344 3141 or online and we’ll open you up to the modern age of printing.