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Why Digital Printing is a Great Choice

If you’re looking for the most versatile means of spreading your message look no further than digital printing. Digital printing is everywhere, from hospitals to the high-street; it’s taking over the world of signage making up more and more of all printing, but why? What are the advantages of digital printing?

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is the process of printing from a digital based image, such as a computer desktop, onto a wide range of media. Unlike traditional printing there are no printing plates required so costs are low and speed is high.

Speedy Signage

If you’re in a hurry going digital is the way forward. Digital printing simplifies the printing process. There is no plate mounting, no press make-ready, no ink keys and no registration adjustments, there are less steps and less labour involved, making the entire process faster and more streamlined.

Advanced Accuracy

With digital printing you can be sure that every print is the same, every time. There’s no need to balance ink and water during a press run so there’s zero waste, just perfection.

Cost Effective

For low volume printing, digital is the cheapest option. Traditional printing companies usually have a quota of work that must be filled that can cause costs to soar but digital printing isn’t hindered by these boundaries, you have the freedom to get the exact amount of prints you want.

The Green Revolution

We’re all trying to reduce our carbon footprint and digital printing can help us do just that, negating the need for film plates and photo chemicals digital printing cuts emissions while delivering a stunning picture.

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