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Reach a Wider Audience with Vehicle Graphics

Posted on June 17, 2013
Are you looking for a cost effective way to advertise your business to the widest possible audience? Do you own a car or vehicle? Then you’re in luck. Vehicle graphics are a brilliant way to spread your message locally, regionally and nationally, wherever you drive people will see you so utilise the advertising power of your vehicle today whether it’s a single car or a fleet of lorries.

Create an Advert That’s Constantly Being Read

Placing an advertisement in a paper or publication can last days or weeks but an advertisement on a vehicle lasts as long as you want it. Placing a static advertisement in a single location can be risky; you can never be sure how many people will see your message; however by their nature vehicle graphics will be noticed. From driving on a motorway, down a road or by simply being parked your advertisement is being seen by anyone who passes you by, it never stops doing its job.

Create a Positive Impression

Advertising on your vehicle isn’t intrusive, you’re not bombarding people with your message when they don’t want to see it. In fact the majority of people when asked say they have a favourable opinion of business they see with vehicular advertising as it creates an immediate impression of establishment and success.

Bypass Traditional Advertising Restrictions

Billboard placement, timings and rates are heavily restricted but with vehicle graphics you effectively have a mobile billboard. It is a lucrative way to reach your target market at all times of the day in any location.

At Event Signs we see the potential of your vehicle in advertising, which is why we provide van graphics starting at just £99 to complete vehicle wraps! Visit our catalogue to view our range of services or phone us today on 0121 344 3141 or get in touch online to enquire about a specific service, we’ll bring our expertise to you.