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Stand Out Signage on the Convention Circuit

Conventions: you either love them or hate them. They’re busy, blustering and brimming with information; every vendor either wants to teach you, sell to you or employ you, from Sci-Fi events to corporate exhibitions the intended public can be left slightly dazed. Getting people to your stall or table is a balancing act: you want to attract without forcing and inform without overwhelming; the greatest route to success is to always be prepared.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Remember what you’re up against; you’re a drop in an ocean of booths supporting thousands of products and services, your first job is to get noticed. Think about why you want people to visit your stall, are you selling or are you recruiting? Catch people’s eye with your backdrop and make sure it connects to their motives; if they’re looking to buy make sure they know you’re looking to sell.

Don’t overwhelm attendees with a sign filled with insider jargon. In specialised industries the people attending the convention aren’t always part of the team that will utilise it (the person buying the oven is rarely the chef), companies come equipped with buyers and that’s who your trying to impress; save any confusing statistics or elaborate information for an info sheet.

Entice With Incentives

Signs grab people’s attention but don’t always entice them to the booth; a coupon on the other hand will give them a concrete reason to visit. Giving a special offer or a free sample will give people a reason to navigate across a busy hall and seek you out.

Promote, Promote, Promote

For a small investment in free trinkets you can have customers carrying your brand away with them like bees pollinating a meadow. It doesn’t always have to be free pens, get creative: if you’re a tech company, supply USB sticks.

At Event Signs we cater to all your needs from exhibition graphics to vehicle signage! For more information on what we can supply for you call us now on 0121 344 3141 or get in touch online and we’ll make you stand out from the crowd.