Commercial Signage

Whether we realise it or not, we all constantly rely on signs in our day-to-day lives, whether its road signs, directional signage in a hotel or hospital or looking for the correct departure gate at an airport. So why should your company not provide signage to make it easier for your visitors to find you!

Commercial signage is not just designed to make a building look attractive it serves a multitude of purposes. As previously mentioned it notifies visitors that they have reached your premises, it creates brand awareness to people passing by, who of course could be potential customers, and it looks more professional by showing that your business is legitimate and exists to anyone who decides to check you out before doing business with you.

Commercial signs should be an element of your marketing activity and offering the opportunity to be used as a canvas from which to proudly promote your brand name from. They can be produced in any size and using a variety of materials as well as enabling different effects to be created. Whether they light up, stand out in a 3D format or each letter is cut out individually, modern technology now enables us to create unique and impactful commercial building signs to meet any company budget.

When it comes to designing your commercial building signs there are a few things to consider. It is of course important to display your logo prominently and your company name. You may also wish to include a telephone number or website address so that people can contact you out of hours or at their convenience. Whatever you decide, it is important to remember that the design needs to be big enough for people to see from a distance and the typography needs to be easy to read in a fleeting second as visitors drive by.

It’s not just the external signs you need to source especially when moving into new premises.  Your internal commercial building signage also needs to be considered especially if it is a particularly large building. Think of the visitor journey throughout the offices or factory, such as when they arrive at reception and spend time in the waiting areas, searching for the toilets, sign posting those all-important fire exits and meeting points. Signs are also a great way to add some colour and branding to brighten up dull walls in corridors and offices to remind staff and visitors of the products and services that you offer and your brand values.

At Event Signs our commercial sign makers are on hand to discuss with you your specific signage requirements to ensure that your signs create the brand image and impact that you are seeking.

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