Commercial Interior Signage

The footfall that passes through your office or factory can often be quite significant and therefore creates an ideal opportunity to increase your corporate brand awareness as well as impressing your clients and visitors.

Ideas for signage include displaying your logo and slogan as well as motivating messages that pull out the essence of your brand values or, how about showcasing some of the projects that you have undertaken. Signage does not have to be dull and functional, but of course you do also need to consider directional signage and the all-important health and safety signs such as signposting employees and visitors to the emergency fire exits.

From simple signs advising people whether to push or pull a door, identifying which is the female toilet to a visually aesthetic sign in the reception visitor waiting area, they all serve a purpose and create a more user friendly working environment. But most importantly they bring your company to life!

Internal signage comes in a variety of formats and materials to suit your requirements. Engraved plastic signs are easy to maintain and are commonly used for door signs, information signs and general labelling purposes.  Acrylic signs offer a more modern and contemporary look to the building either as a transparent or solid colour background with the text and images being digitally printed on the surface of the sign.

Internal commercial signage can be free-standing creating an impactful entrance experience for visitors or wall mounted that can also be illuminated to create a relaxed or energised atmosphere. Modern technology also allow us to create signs in a variety of shapes so that you don’t just have to stick with the traditional square or rectangle option. In fact signs can now be used as wall art providing creative office decoration cost effectively.

Commercial internal signage ultimately serves as a type of silent salesperson for your business. Interior signs can also help customers locate products in store and can lead to impulse sales when added to special displays in supermarkets or shops.  By providing your customers with internal signage options they too can promote your goods and help you to create that all important competitive advantage.

Whatever type or format of signage you choose it is important to consider your options and remember that internal signs should be part of your marketing plan. They are a simple, cost effective way on which to promote and advertise your company in an impactful and visual way.

Using our wealth of experience Event Signs are able to create bespoke solutions to suits the needs and budgets of every company to assist with brand identity, signposting to producing eye catching illuminated signs. We have the ability to create signage solutions that can suit both contemporary and traditional interiors to add that touch of class and sophistication to any drab and dreary office or factory.

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