Outdoor Business Signs

Our extensive amount of experience in effective outdoor signage includes producing directional signage, shop signs, factory signs and even signs that project outwards creating a show shopping effect. Whatever the signs purpose you can be assured that all our signs are made of the highest quality materials to cope with our temperamental climate and to meet your exacting requirements.

When it comes to material choice, whether it’s acrylic, metal or a contemporary vinyl we will ensure that your outdoor business signage will enhance your business with eye-catching and vibrant designs to promote your brand name clearly to attract new customers. Don’t forget there are also a variety of finishes to consider too; gloss, brushed, matt or even textured.

Why not enhance your signage and consider adding illumination within the sign’s design. Lighting is now an important consideration and can really make a difference to the overall look of your signs. This could include incorporating LED illuminated trough lights or back-lit lighting which are great for signs that use 3D letters and logos providing an effective statement. Maybe consider using different coloured lights that can create mood lighting or even change at set times to draw people’s attention into a shop frontage.

Our team of sign designers create solutions for all industry sectors from manufacturing to hospitality and leisure to corporate organisations. We ensure that we treat every company’s needs individually working with you to come up with signage designs that will ultimately give you a competitive edge and help to build your overall brand awareness.

Event Signs are constantly looking at new ways to give our service the cutting edge when it comes to the latest technology available so that we can create innovative and inspiring signage for you our clients. Using your corporate identity we will use a variety of techniques to design your signage using the materials, effects and shapes that we feel complement your brand.

Investing in good quality exterior business signs makes good business sense as they act as an effective sales tool 27/7. Even when you are closed your signs are still actively promoting your business to people passing by helping your business to stand out and get you noticed.

We will also assist you in advising where the best locations are to display your signage to gain you maximum exposure. The installation can also be taken care of with our team of installers on hand to put all your signs up in working to health and safety guidelines.

So all you need to now do is consider what signs you feel you need and then simply contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. We will then work using your brief to create effective, innovative and quality signage that you can be proud of.

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