Health and Safety Signs

It is certainly not an area of the business you should be overlooking with consequences of failing to comply potentially being fatal. As a result everywhere you go you will see safety signs and notices playing a crucial role in communicating information to staff and the general public to minimise the risk of an accident or incident occurring. Health & Safety signage is universally understood and is the perfect way to get your message across.

From no smoking signs to identifying fire exits to highlighting hazardous risks safety signs UK wide are helping to prevent avoidable accidents and incidents in the workplace and out within the wider community. Health and safety signage can be supplied as mounted signs produced on rigid plastic, aluminum or as vinyl stickers. Whatever the health and safety sign you require we will provide you with the best solution to suit your needs to keep you on the right side of the law.

We understand that it is a daunting thought that that as a manager or owner of a company it is your responsibility to ensure that any potential hazards have been identified and risk assessed. For example if your staff are required to handle hazardous chemicals health and safety signs can remind them to aware appropriate safety equipment and clothing. Maybe there is dangerous machinery onsite and safety signage is required to ensure that untrained personal are kept out of the area. By having the correct and adequate signage displayed it goes some way in providing you with an element of peace of mind that you have done your best when it comes to executing your duty of care.

Any workplace contains potential hazards but none more so than on construction sites due to the challenging environment, dangerous equipment and heavy machinery that operates onsite. Health & safety signs should clearly mark each hazard, for example communicating the ‘no unauthorised’ access areas, overhead working taking place or potential trips and falls.

On a positive note, when it comes to signs health and safety risks can be easily communicated through the correct use of colours to highlight the potential danger risk level regardless of language barriers. After all we all know that if we see a red sign that it is warning us of something and grabs our immediate attention to make us stop and take action.

At Event signs we will listen carefully to your requirements and will produce quality signage to assist you in reducing any potential accidents and incidents. As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ so let us help you with the prevention so that you never have to get to the cure.

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