Site Safety Signs

However there is a way of preventing and limiting these potential accidents and that is through the use of construction safety signs being displayed prominently around the site, entrance and perimeter.

Construction site safety signs are a part of a vital toolkit for any contractor to ensure that the required safety precautions are adhered to by anyone entering the site ensuring that they remain safe and protected. Whether it to inform a visitor to wear a hard hat or to sign post key facilities on the site such as where to find the first aid equipment, to locate the toilets or to find the site office, they are a critical necessity onsite. However whatever their purpose you need to make sure that they are clear and large enough to grab and engage the attention of others and of course be displayed in logically and prominent positions around the construction site.

At Event Signs our site safety signs are often produced on Foamex or rigid correx that can be designed to meet your exacting requirements. The signs can be easily mounted to a post, railing or sign board, placing them in several positions on site that will be clearly visible to all and due to the material that is used they are also weather resistant and ready to cope with the harsh UK temperament.

There are a variety of purposes that our contractor boards could be used for on a construction site including; health & safety, perimeter signage, directional signs, traffic signs, hoardings or even company branded signs to help promote yourself whilst on the site. After all you may be working on a construction project for several months which provides an ideal opportunity to showcase the work that you are doing to the intrigued footfall that pass by on a daily basis. This is a cost effective way of advertising and promoting your brand as well as helping to block out the messy view of a building site for the general public and instead create an engaging display board with your logo and company name on it.

We understand that it can be an overwhelming feeling to know that you, as the manager of the construction site, have the legal responsibility of the safety of all the people that come onsite or even pass by. Therefore we will work with you to ensure that you have adequate safety signs that you can display in full view to all those that enter your construction site notifying people of the potential dangers and advise them on the necessary precautions they need to take.

A cost effective way of potentially preventing a costly legal claim that could arise as a result of not displaying adequate signage on your construction site. So don’t delay simply contact us today.

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