Promotional Signage and Products

Our advertising and promotional signage could be the essential component in your next marketing campaign. At Event Signs, we understand the importance of effective and eye-catching signage.

  • Display signs that drive impulse buying
  • Attractive, attention-grabbing hoardings
  • Promotional items printed for your convenience


Display Signs

As a business owner, you doubtlessly want to blow away your customers and our bespoke display signage is made to do just that. Displays also drive impulse purchases – increasing profits to you. We can work with you to create beautiful displays that will drive sales in your store.


Hoardings and Billboards

Outdoor advertising such as billboards and hoardings are a popular way to improve the appearance of construction sites and promote one or more businesses. They’re particularly useful for displaying images of what the future development will look like – increasing the positive reception within the local community. Our bright and attractive hoardings can be mounted to any fence, wall, or building to instantly start building brand recognition.


Promotional Items

To provide a convenient one-stop-branding-shop for our customers, we can supply printed t-shirts, mugs, pens, and more. Please get in touch for more details.

A printed hoodie for a local fun run.

No Obligation Quotes

We have over 20 years experience in sign making, across all industries. Our staff are fully trained and take pride in their high quality work whether that's a sign for commercial premises, your vehicles or an event. We have an installation service available and all quotes are no obligation.