They offer the ideal platform from which to create positive brand awareness of your company to those passing by, grabbing their attention and interest.

At Event Signs we believe that we supply the best banners Birmingham has to offer with a variety of designs and sizes to suit any of your requirements. We can provide the perfect banners for events to get your exhibition, sporting competition or party off to a flying start. They enable your business to create an eye catching temporary sign which can be used to promote the launch of a new product or service, a special offer or to create traffic to that show stopping open day.

The great thing about banners is that you can put them anywhere, in your leisure centre, on the stage, in an exhibition hall or on a banner frame on your property. They offer a completely versatile and flexible solution that can simply be packed away at the end of the event and pulled out again for the next event if needed.

Our banners can be produced on a variety of materials such as PVC, Mesh, Tyvek or paper and when it comes to the minimum order, we will happily supply one off orders to large quantities -we are sure to have a solution for you. Many of our banners are easy to erect, and are extremely portable as well as being waterproof. From vertical pull up banners that can be put up in a matter of minutes which are great for exhibitions, conferences and events to large format banners that maybe used at a much larger occasion such as motorsport events or a concert stadium.

There are a number of finishing options one of which is that they can be made with robust eyelets enabling you to fix them into a banner frame that can be easily removed and changed to a different banner when the occasion arises. All of our purpose designed banners are competitively priced and can be printed in full colour, hemmed and eyeletted to ensure longevity and flexibility of the banner.

Your banner design will be printed to a high resolution quality so that you can be assured that your logo and message will be as striking and impactful as it can be. If flexibility is what you are after then why not consider reusing your bannerby considering incorporating a plain panel into the design so that you can be flexible with the dates of your events.

Offering the ideal solution for parties, events and promotions to get your business or event noticed. Our durable and custom made banners can be designed to cater for all your requirements whether they are intended to be used indoors or outdoors, or could even attach it to the back of a plane to make that all important statement!

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