Pop Up Roller Banners

Available in all shapes and sizes including straight, curved and L-Shaped, (perfect for covering up that unsightly corner) produced in PVC or fabric, they are certainly a fantastic way to create a portable back drop adding the finishing touches to any exhibition stand or reception entrance.

Completely portable these stands are designed with a concertina frame that expands to create a free standing aluminum structure containing a set of magnetic bars that are subsequently attached. This enables pre-magnetic graphics to then be hung into position to create a graphic panel designed to your specification.

Available in a variety of sizes to create an impact at any event, but yet can be packed away small enough to fit in the boot of the car. Not only that, they take approximately ten minutes from start to finish to erect or dismantle making them extremely convenient a hassle free part of your marketing toolkit.

They also have additional uses other than creating a backdrop. For example if you are looking for a portable counter from which to place marketing material or to serve behind, then the pop-up counter is a quick and easy solution that can be assembled using the same method of the pop frame mechanism. It can then all be put away and can be safely stored till next time making it an extremely cost effective option.

Once you have decided on what shape and size banner you require then Event Signs are able to bring your pop up banner to life. By using engaging and inspirational graphics the end design will be aimed at drawing the crowds in and creating a lasting positive impression. If you want to add a further touch of design how about incorporating lighting that can be easily fixed to the aluminum frame enabling the graphics to be illuminated.

Pop up banners are great for a multitude of reasons from hiding a dull wall, covering a corner, creating space for storage behind, but they are ultimately used for communicating your key marketing messages to your target audience. From simple logo graphics to pulling out facts and figures they create the ideal canvas on which to promote your business.

Most roller pop up banners are made from PVC as it is a strong and durable material but also offers flexibility enabling it to be packed away in a small container. It is hardwearing, waterproof and lightweight which is perfect for carrying around to and from the venue halls. PVC also create a great platform from which to print on enabling vibrant colours to shout out to people passing by grabbing their attention.

The design team at Event Signs offer an array of pop up banners and would love to hear from you to see how we can help you put those finishing touches to your stand and create a show stopping effect.

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