Roller Banners

In fact we believe that no marketing tool kit is complete without a roll up banner. A roller banner can be used as a back drop at an exhibition detailing your main USP and contact details or used to direct visitors to an event. The most important thing to remember though, is not to try and put too much information on the banner. As people pass by or approach your stand there is only so much a person can digest before they suffer from information overload.

Bullet points are a great way to get your message across simply, as is a catchy slogan and an impactful logo. Sometimes less is more, and this is often true when it comes to the information you choose to put on your pull up banner.

Roller banners are easy to assemble and can be erected in a matter of minutes by one individual, great for those working on their own. Provided in a convenient carry case that can be hung over your shoulder, with the actual banner rolled up in a metal cassette case which includes a banner stand. The roller banners stands by inserting a metal pole in the foot of the cassette and is hooked into a cap at the top of the banner creating a sturdy back bone. This enables it to be free standing and placed wherever you wish to generate the most impact and allows it to be moved easily throughout the event.

Once you have finished you simply unhook the banner from the stand and the banner automatically rolls back into the cassette. Most roll up banner stands come in one long pole that have an elastic wire running through the pole that enables the roll up banner stand to be broken down into smaller pieces to fit neatly away in the cassette, similar to that of modern tent poles.

All of our roller banner printing is of a high quality standard and is produced to ensure that the ink does not run or stick when it is put away. This ensures that you can use it time and time again and still look as good as new. The banners are also made of a durable material to cope with the impact of multiple uses and people accidently brushing past causing potential damage.

Roller banners UK wide are seen as a practical form of advertising with most companies possessing at least one in their marketing tool kit. The idea of being able to roll up banners into a convenient carry case is the perfect solution for many, so if you are looking for a company offering roller banners Birmingham based, look no further than Event Signs.

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